Sunday Reading for November 20, 2022

Despite the best of intentions, I added three new pens this week (though to be fair I’ve also sold some off recently). From left, a Lewa Lani in Classic Flush by Kanilea Pen Co., a Kai Huli in Classic Flush by Kanilea, and a pen in dark Primary Manipulation, turned by Nicholas Pasquale (@pensbypasquale) purchased at the Pelikan Hub.

  1. Traveling with Ink: Porto, Portugal (via Fountain Pen Blog). I’ll be adding this article to my collection of pen stores to visit on future travels.

  2. New Orleans Adventures (via Sarah Read). Scriptura is one spot I haven’t hit in New Orleans, maybe for a future trip?

  3. Shibui North Kitsune (via Dapprman). I love seeing interesting new designs from independent pen makers, and the engraving on this one makes it unique.

  4. Good Made Better Made Portable (via Penquisition). Somehow I missed the release of the Penwell “Traveller Clip”!

  5. Phoenix Pen Stands (via KraftyCats). Good pen stands are infinitely useful if you work at a desk, especially for clipless pens that can roll. These are some interesting designs.

  6. Life Noble Book Hardcover Notebook (via Blake’s Broadcast). Life has apparently released a hardcover version of their Noble Note series. I’ve not seen these before and need to check them out.

  7. Risky Business: Montblanc 146 LeGrand (via A Fleeting Ripple). I had a similar odyssey trying to get my first ever 146 to write properly. You can indeed find these pens with great nibs (and a lot of “gently used” character) on the secondary market quite easily, at good prices.

  8. Indie Packaging Influence (via Rachel’s Reflections). Does packaging influence my own purchasing decisions? I think I agree with Rachel’s conclusions here.

  9. Dubito: Kaweco Green Lilliput (via A Fleeting Ripple). The Lilliput is one of those pens that I need to try for a second time, especially now that it’s available in this excellent green color.

  10. Midori MD Paper Products Colored Pencils (via Well-Appointed Desk). Tina reviews the Midori MD Colored Pencil Set. (Which we promptly sold out of! More on the way!)

In Case You Missed It….

Since I served as Hubmaster for the 2022 Nashville Pelikan Hub, most of my pen-related efforts this week went towards getting that event off the ground, and it was a rousing success! Yesterday I published what I envision as the first of two 2022 T.G.S. Holiday Gift Guides: this one focusing on products from our shop, and the next focusing on products from independent makers whom you may want to explore, including several new ones that I discovered this year.

This Week in the Curated Shop…

The big news this week is the arrival of a new Field Notes shipment, including all of the most recent limited editions, as well as a restock of the “Front Page” reporter-style notebook and the “Heavy Duty” top-bound pocket notebook. We also ran a post focusing on building your perfect office workspace, and many of the items highlighted in that post are similarly highlighted in the gift guide.

Write Notepads

Write Notepads

Field Notes

Field Notes



Opus 88

Opus 88

Consider T.G.S. Patreon – New “Gently Used” Items in the Patreon Shop!

For those who want to support T.G.S. without necessarily adding to their accumulation via shop purchases, the Patreon Program offers two options for tiers of support: $3 and $5 (with a discounted annual option) and plan on making monthly meetups, pen show events, and periodic exclusive content the primary benefits. Of course, Patreon members will continue to get first access to periodic sample sales, with right of first refusal on gently used pens. For Fountain Pen Day I added a handful of pens, as well as the last of my pocket notebook stash, to the Patreon store, which backers will want to check. (Reminder that those items which made it through Patreon become available to the general readership!) Many thanks to all of you who already decided to back via Patreon. Your support means the world to me!

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